Julia Monté

Julia Monté is an artist and writer in Kansas City; The Editor in Chief of arts and culture blog, Informality Blog. She has a BFA in Painting and Creative Writing from the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating May 2018. In the past, she has been a resident at the New York Studio Residency Program where she developed her undergraduate thesis work and  wrote from the views of NYC (see "Issue 3: Julia Monte’s View From NYC" on Informality). Much of her work reflects on transportation, making drawings and sculptures that depict auto-mobiles from planes to roller coasters, the sensation of being in motion, and other catalysts for transition. She is seeking to merge performance and ideas of movement with static works to examine how the space of a vehicle in motion, a passage of time, elicits our own contemplation, rehearsal, or anticipation.

She has recently revived her twitter account; you can find her @im_choppedliver.



Auto-Mobiles and Other Recent Works. A solo exhibition. Lifted Spirits, Kansas City, MO.

2018 Annual BFA Exhibition. H&R Block Artspace, Kansas City, MO

Nor Boat Nor Fish No River/By the Missouri. KCAI Crossroads Gallery, Kansas City, MO

While Supplies Last.  Amandine Bake Shop, Seattle, WA


From the New York Studio Residency Program: Julia Monte Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

On The Passage…  The New York Studio Residency Program, Brooklyn, NY


Lester Goldman Drawing Competition. Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

Prospective. West Patrons Gallery, Overland Park, MO

Stranger Than Kindness. Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

What I Did This Summer…  Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

Collaborative Exhibitions / Curatorial Projects


Right Place/Right Time. With Chloe Thompson. Leedy-Volkous Art Center, Kansas City, MO

Eggs In A Basket. With Julian Barlow, Paige Edson, Sam Haan, Ben Johnson, Cesar Lopez, Chloe Thompson, and Ellen Weitkamp.  Vulpes Bastille, Kansas City, MO

In Collaboration With. With Paige Edson and Isabel Vargas.  KCAI Artspace, Kansas City, MO


Extra Loud at M10. With Anthony White. NYSRP, Brooklyn, NY


Veracity. With Baron Mattern and Kylie McConnell. Leedy-Volkous Art Center, Kansas City, MO


2017 The New York Studio Residency Program

2016 The Lester Goldman Drawing Competition: Honorable Mention


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2018 Kansas City Art Institute BFA in Painting and Creative Writing